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Business consulting
Identifying and documenting business processes
We identify and model business processes starting from the top level from this level to the functional processes performed at the Executive level, we then document them.
Report on the results of the IT infrastructure audit (information systems, server and other equipment)
The report is compiled based on the results of an analysis of the functioning of the IT infrastructure and compare the degree to which its functionality meets the organization's needs. In addition, this report may contain an analysis of compliance with the requirements of legislation and regulatory authorities.
Recommendations for optimizing the IT infrastructure
When working out a list of recommendations is being compiled measures aimed at optimizing the IT infrastructure in accordance with the audit results and according to business process models "As it will be."
What documentation can we help you develop?:
Development strategies and concepts;
Technical specifications for project execution;
Feasibility studies (Feasibility study) of projects;
Technical tasks;
Other project documentation.
All documents are developed in accordance with the requirements accepted by the Customer requirements, as well as in accordance with the requirements of ST RK and other standards.
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