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Electronic document management and assignment management (SED)
Document routing according to business processes of the organization;
Combining the organization's information resources;
Maintaining and using regulatory reference information;
Users' work with documents according to their access rights;
The system "Electronic document management and order management " (EDMS). to automate the organization's office management processes (enterprises) related to the registration, registration and control of the execution of documents, ensuring systematic storage, accounting, protection of electronic documents, combining up-to-date documentation, regulatory and reference information into a single information resource , with the possibility of prompt access to them.

EDMS used for processing financial, regulatory, technical, project documents, and office documents.

Automatic numbering of documents with the possibility of editing;
Defining logical relationships between documents;
Document execution control;
Support document versions;
Search for documents by attributes and content;
Different risk groups can be considered in the System:
Protection of documents from unauthorized access;
Use of electronic signature and encryption.
An EDMS covers the entire life cycle of any document, from creation to archiving.
Incoming mail correspondence;
Outgoing correspondence;
Development documents QMS;
Performance monitoring;
Service notes;
Agreement of contracts;
Contract registration;
List typical business processes of office management automated with the help of EDMS:
Increased efficiency working with documents;
Completeness of information required for decision -making;
Minimizing the risk of document loss;
Minimizing the risks associated with using incorrect versions of documents;
Save money working hours and material resources.
Effects from the introduction SED:
Delegation of authority;
Electronic archive (SEA)
Process automation managing archives of documents on paper and electronic media;
Providing users with quick access to necessary cases and documents;
Providing the ability to generate search and statistical reports;
Reducing the number of requests to the original through the use of electronic images of documents;
The system "Electronic archive" (SEA) is intended for: for entering, storing, processing, and searching electronic images of an organization's documents (businesses). The sea is a repository of electronic documents organized in a hierarchy of directories according to the following criteria: the list of cases approved by the organization.
Storage of accounting information about documents;
Support document versions;
Destruction, deletion of documents, transfer to other archives;
Archive search and selection documents in accordance with access rights the user;
The electronic archive solves the following tasks:
Preparation paper documents -embroidery volumes per individual pages, mark different page groups ( document types) , etc.;
Scanning – getting electronic images of pages (digitization) using scanners;
Partitioning – splitting the flow of electronic page images into separate electronic documents (by check marks);
Verification – confirmation of correctness scanning and splitting;
Multiple entry of documents (paper and electronic)
Multiple entry of documents (paper and electronic).
Salvo entry is an automated digitization process of a paper document and placing the resulting electronic image of the paper document or any electronic document in the sea.

Salvo entry consists of the following stages:

For paper documents:
Attribution – manual or automatic filling in of document attributes (registration number , registration date, summary , etc.), which are then searched for;
Speech recognition – extracting a document from an electronic image text (if necessary);
Placement in the archive – placement of documents in an Electronic archive according to to-do list.
For paper and electronic documents:
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