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Technical support licensed software
Technical support services Lpos include:
Providing a direct telephone line for consultations with specialists of the company's technical support center in Russian / Kazakh, 24 hours, 7 days a week;
Extraordinary consulting and technical service on any issues related to the installation and operation of medical facilities and their capabilities;
List the list of services provided can be expanded upon request The customer.
Technical support Licensed software LPO means direct access to resources and a knowledge base Vendor (ESRI, Documentum, Kaspersky, Vmware, SAP, Oracle, etc.).
Access to the electronic information system of technical support;
Opportunity migrations of supported content LPO when switching from one operating environment to another (if the migration conditions are met Of the vendor);
Obtaining technical information and / or additional software components (patches) to overcome and resolve problems and errors found in software products;
Receive updated sub -versions of supported software products for free updates released to ensure effective compatibility with new versions of operating systems;
Get updated versions of supported products with new functionality for free (upgrades).
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